Improving reading and writing skills

    The most difficult part of reading Chinese is character recognition. For beginners, if you are a part time learner, it would be

    beneficial to learn and recognise at least 25 characters per week, so after one month, you would be able to recognise 100

    characters. After 10 months, you would have learned 1000 characters, then you will surprise yourself about character


   There are two main reading skills to develop apart from Chinese character recognition: Read more...



  1: Reading lesson only: 1 hour online lesson: £50 per hour.

  • Beginner reading (Texts, dialogues etc)

  • Intermediate reading (Scanning and reading in depth: Texts, dialogues, news, articles etc)

  • Advanced reading (Scanning and reading in depth Text, dialogue, stories, news, articles, reports, analysis, reviews etc.)


  2: Writing lesson only: 1 hour online lesson: £50 per hour

  • Writing skills for examination (e.g. letters, essay, dissertation etc.)

  • Writing skills for business (e.g. CV; application letter; business emails etc.)


  3: Chinese text, essay and dissertation editing and proofreading.


  4: Article writing and Translation: Please contact us.



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